About Us

The Kansas Elk and Deer Association is a non-profit organization representing elk and deer farmers in the state of Kansas.


  1. To establish and encourage the friendly exchange of ideas on all matters concerning the breeding, handling, and management of farmed elk and deer among its members and the elk and deer industry.
  2. To promote elk and deer farming and breeding in Kansas, and to acquire and distribute to members information on all aspects of elk farming and breeding.
  3. To provide a forum for discussion of elk and deer farming problems, and to keep members full informed on all matters of interest to elk and deer farmers, and potential elk and deer farmers. Also to assist members in the marketing of animals and by-products, and promote the health of, and prevent the spread of disease in elk and deer.
  4. To act as an industry association in presenting Kansas elk and deer farming and views to the government and to governmental departments.
  5. To help ease regulations on inspections, permits, and licenses, to endeavor to influence all governmental laws and regulations for the benefit of elk farming, and to seek improvement of legal protection for elk and deer farmers from illegal activities such as trespass and poaching.
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