Cervid Industry & State Vets Could Rewrite CWD Rule

March 29, 2013

Good News From the ACA!

The American Cervid Alliance (ACA) received word today that the National Assembly of State Veterinarians, during their regularly scheduled meeting, gave support to industry in possibly eliminating the Federal CWD program consisting of the current Federal Rule and Federal Program Standards. The supporting assembly members are in favor of doing away with these arduous rules designed to put the cervid industry out of business and starting over with a new set of rules written by industry and state animal health officials.

The three national cervid associations, North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA), Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA), and North American Elk Breeders Association (NAEBA), along with several members of the National Assembly of State Veterinarians, if approved by a majority vote of the ACA on April 9th*, will work to rewrite rules that will be acceptable to not only the cervid breeders but also the nation's state animal health agencies.  This would be the cervid industry's program that would govern all interstate movement of CWD susceptible species.  Also if approved by the ACA, wildlife agencies will not be included in this new rule making process.

Dr. John Clifford, head of USDA/ APHIS, is supportive of the cervid industry and has indicated that he would support this effort to develop our own program.  This is a golden opportunity to reduce the federal CWD regulations and it is imperative that we stand united.

*Travis Lowe serves as the ACA Councilman representing the Kansas Cervid Breeders Association. To learn more about the ACA, please visit www.americancervidalliance.org.

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