Victory for Cervid Industry in USAHA Cmte

October 21, 2014

KANSAS CITY- Cervid leaders, attending the  United States Animal Health Association conference, were very active Monday. Industry representatives presented a resolution in the brucellosis committee and attended numerous committee meetings including the first meeting of the new Farmed Cervid Subcommittee.

The resolution approved in the brucellosis committee urges state regulatory officials to extend the number of days to accept a negative brucellosis test from 30 days to 45 days for farmed cervidae when the herd of origin is located outside of the Greater Yellowstone Area . Currently, when shipping interstate, a negative Brucella abortus blood test must be performed which will then allow a thirty day window to transport the animal. Should a delay occur beyond the 30 days the animal must be retested. Travis Lowe, who presented the resolution on behalf of the North American Elk Breeders Association, told the committee this was not a radical change but would provide their members additional flexibility and save producers additional costs.  The final approval vote for the Brucellosis resolution will take place on Wednesday, October 22.

The new Farmed Cervid Subcommittee met on Monday afternoon.  Dr. Haley of Kansas State University presented his live test research findings on Chronic Wasting Disease depopulation samples from Iowa and Pennsylvania. Sub-committee co-chairman, Charly Seale, led a discussion of how the industry can work with wildlife and health officials to find common ground.  Sections of the CWD Program Standards were examined and discussed.  It was noted by USDA/APHIS the standards document can be reviewed annually in this sub-committee. Eric Mohlman, Shawn Schafer and Warren Bluntzer joined Seale on the sub-committee as cervid industry representatives.

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