Resolution Recommends Acquiring More CWD Epidemiological Investigations

October 22, 2014

KANSAS CITY- A resolution has been approved in the United States Animal Health Association's Captive Wildlife & Alternative Livestock Committee that would bring forward more information regarding CWD positive animals in both free ranging and farmed cervids.

As a recommendation from the Farmed Cervid Subcommittee meeting,  a resolution was presented to request that USDA work with state regulatory officials to make information of epidemiological investigations for both farmed and free-ranging cwd positive cervids available to all stakeholders. Data from these animals will improve risk assessment and potentially identify factors for detecting the disease. There was no opposition during the vote.

This resolution awaits final approval by the full membership of USAHA today, October 22. This resolution marks a very productive start for the new Farmed Cervid Subcommittee.

The American Cervid Alliance would like to thank everyone involved in both these committees.


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