Another Successful USAHA Conference for Cervid Industry

October 22, 2014

KANSAS CITY-  After five days of committee and board meetings at the United States Animal Health Association conference (USAHA), industry leaders truly believe it was a success for the cervid industry. This conference is an opportunity to build a relationship with state and national health officials as well as those representing the wildlife community.

This conference marked the first meeting of the Farmed Cervid Subcommittee. The adoption of two important resolutions for the industry were also achieved. The brucellosis resolution, which urges state regulatory officials to extend the number of days to accept a negative brucellosis test from 30 days to 45 days, was approved in the Brucellosis committee and passed unanimously in the closing membership meeting. The American Cervid Alliance encourages state and national elk and deer associations to start conversations with state regulatory offices to implement this change.

The second resolution approved urges USDA/APHIS to work with state regulatory officials to make information of epidemiological investigations, for both farmed and free-ranging cwd positive cervids,  available to all stakeholders. Data from these investigations will improve risk assessment and potentially identify factors for detecting CWD. Both resolutions were adopted unanimously by the USAHA membership.

The attendance at this conference by the cervid industry is essential in building strong relationships with state and federal health officials as well as wildlife representatives. This is one of the most important events for the industry.  The American Cervid Alliance strongly encourages its member associations to select a representative to join USAHA and attend next year's conference.  All the industry leaders that attend this conference know first hand how important this convention is to the our industry. Next year's conference will be held in late October in Providence, Rhode Island.

Industry representatives attending this year's meeting were Warren Bluntzer, Rhonda Brakke, Travis Lowe, Eric Mohlman, Gary Olson, Bill Pittenger, Shawn Schafer, Charly Seale, Laurie Seale, Daryl Simon, Skip West, Doug Wagner, Kyle Wilson and Dickie Winters. The ACA appreciates the time, effort, and input of everyone involved. 

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