KCBA Now Known as Kansas Elk & Deer Association

July 17, 2017

Kansas Cervid Breeders Association is Now  Kansas Elk & Deer Association

At the 2017 Summer BBQ held in Garnett, members in attendance voted to approve the proposed 

association name change. Earlier this year, the Board of Directors approved a proposed amendment to the associations bylaws. The amendment would specifically change the name of the association from the Kansas Cervid Breeders Association to the Kansas Elk & Deer Association.

Pursuant to the association bylaws, the proposed amendment was published in the Spring issue of The Bugle, to serve as notice to the voting membership. The amendment was approved unanimously by members in attendance.

Henceforth, the Kansas Cervid Breeders Association is now known as the Kansas Elk & Deer Association (KEBA). KEDA President Jesse Seltmann told members the change aims to attract a broader membership base and be more recognizable to the public. Seltmann went on to say, “there aren’t a lot of people that understand the term ‘cervid’. I think the public may miss us because the term deer or elk is not in front of them.”

Seltmann continued, “the deletion of the word “breeders” will attract all owners of deer and elk, regardless of their type of operation. Trophy hunting ranches, for example, benefit greatly from KEDA but many are hardly involved, if at all.”

This change is not the first time the association has changed its name to broaden the membership base. In 1995, the association was founded as the Kansas Elk Breeders Association but the name was changed in 2010 to the Kansas Cervid Breeders Association to open membership to all cervid owners. By 2012, over 65% of licensed cervid owners were members of the association.  Membership has dipped slightly since, but the new est name should increase membership to hobby and hunting ranches.


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