CWD Standards Working Group to Review Industry Suggestions

May 7, 2013

From the American Cervid Alliance:

The Standards Working Group met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 6,, 2013. Last week, the Standards Working Group’s industry representatives, along with several state veterinarians who are also on the CWD Working Group Committee, submitted an alternative document to the other stakeholders of the working group, which includes representatives from APHIS, wildlife agencies, and NVSL.

The alternative document reflects favorable industry changes, which strikes the detrimental requirements from the document. The alternative document also includes the new language stating the standards document is a guidance document only and is optional for states. During April’s Washington DC trip, USDA’s Dr. John Clifford told two dozen cervid industry leaders the intention of the standards document was to be optional for states.  However, the standards document in both its original form from July 2012 and the latest draft in the Working Group did not include the optional language but instead stated it was the minimum standards for all states. 

 The majority of the time, during the CWD Working Group meeting, was spent asking the cervid industry representatives to explain their rationale for the suggested changes.  USDA’s Dr Patty Klein said the group would need more time to closer examine the proposed changes of the alternative document. Dr Klein asked the group to not meet next week and reconvene on May 20 to render the group’s opinion of the proposed changes.

The Standards Working Group typically has met every Monday since its inception.  It is unclear how many more meetings will be possible before the final sixty day negotiation period expires next month.


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