KCBA Helps Create the American Cervid Alliance

December 14, 2012


The American Cervid Alliance (ACA) is a leadership council comprised of representatives from 32 separate elk, deer, and exotic associations. The leaders of these associations meet regularly to assess the latest attacks on our industry from over-regulation and harmful legislation.

Fundraising is underway with money being generated and donated by individual breeders, national associations, state associations, and industry supporters. There are several benefit auctions being planned for 2013 with all proceeds going to the ACA for legal, legislative and public relations action. If your local, state, or national association is having an auction or if you would like to donate an animal or semen to one of this winter’s many public auctions and you would like the proceeds to benefit the ACA, contact the below email or address and we will ensure your donation makes a difference in the fight for the cervid industry.

The ACA is currently defending your rights in several states to eliminate the over-regulation, double standards and unfunded mandates the cervid industry has faced over the last two decades. Please join the fight and support the ACA by joining or supporting your local, state and national associations today and asking them to be part of this grassroots effort to protect and preserve our rights to raise cervid species.

Any donations may be sent to:
American Cervid Alliance
4985 West Blue Hill Rd
Ayr, Nebraska, 68925

The following associations have representatives that have been part of the formation of the ACA. I would encourage all cervid producers to join these associations and have your voice heard because the consequences we face as an industry are too important to be left out anymore. If your state or local association isn’t on this list encourage them to be part of ACA, we need everyone to stand together.

Alabama Deer Association
Colorado Elk Breeders Association
WI. Commercial Deer & Elk Farmers Assoc.
Deer Breeders COOP
Exotic Wildlife Association
Florida Deer Association
Idaho Elk Breeders Association
Illinois Deer Breeders Association
Indiana Deer & Elk Farmers Association
Iowa Elk Breeders Association
Iowa Whitetail Deer Breeders Association
Kansas Cervid Breeders Association
Minnesota Deer Breeders Association
Minnesota Elk Breeders Association
Missouri Elk Farmers Association
MO WT Breeders & Hunting Ranch Assoc.
New Jersey Deer Farmers Association
New York Deer & Elk Farmers Association
North American Deer Farmers Association
North American Elk Breeders Association
North Dakota Elk Growers Association
Northeast Deer & Elk Farmers Association
Pennsylvania Deer Breeders Association
Pennsylvania Elk Breeders Association
Texas Deer Association
United Deer Farmers of Michigan
West Virginia Deer Association
Whitetails of Louisiana
Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio
Whitetails of Oklahoma
Whitetail Deer Breeders of Oklahoma
Whitetails of Wisconsin

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