KCBA Members to Receive Discounts on Personal Ranch Websites

October 14, 2013

The KCBA Board of Directors recently approved an agreement with Brian Tesene, owner of Outdoor Resources, LLC, to provide discounts for KCBA members that construct new websites for their farms. The KCBA’s intent is to encourage members to increase the visibility of their farms and markets.  Brian Tesene will offer 15% off on web service fees for new customers that are KCBA members. 

Tesene’s web business, based in Manhattan, Kansas, has worked with the KCBA for several years. Tesene has created the KCBA’s website, along with many other websites for state and national cervid associations, and farm websites.  Tesene told the KCBA Board, “Kansas has a growing cervid industry. The KCBA is already working hard to promote the industry with the public and I’d like to help your members become visible on the internet.” Tesene noted the evolution of web searching for market products and the advantages it can bring elk and deer producers.

Samples of websites created by Tesene can be seen on his web portfolio at


In addition to the elk and deer industry, Tesene has developed dozens of websites throughout the agriculture industry including cattle, horses, and buffalo. 

Mmbers can contact Brian directly at 785-537-9554







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