NAEBA goes on Record for Proposed USAHA Resolutions

October 18, 2013

NAEBA Leaders Travel to San Diego for USAHA Conference

This weekend NAEBA leaders travel to California to attend the annual United States Animal Health Association conference to discuss cervid health issues.  The USAHA Conference, which features several committees examining ongoing animal health concerns and policy, is an important venue for the cervid industry to offer long-term solutions.  NAEBA Executive Director Travis Lowe, Board Member Eric Mohlman, and long time cervid veterinarian Glen Zebarth, will attend committee meetings over the course of several days.

 NAEBA has already gone on record supporting five resolutions, which plan to be offered at the conference.  Last night, during the American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council meeting, five resolutions were proposed to the council and asked for the ACA’s full endorsement. The resolutions ask for longer testing intervals for TB reaccreditation and Brucellosis recertification, and a new separate farmed cervid committee to deliberate issues. Two of the resolutions deal with CWD policy reform, with a resolution that asked the USDA to remove the previously written CWD Standards Documents 1 through 22, and one that asked for a new CWD standards working group to be approved to re-write the CWD standards with only industry and agriculture stakeholder input, which excludes wildlife. 

NAEBA’s ACA Councilman Kim Kafka, during the council meeting, voted in favor of all five measures.  NAEBA’s votes were in agreement with the balance of the voting councilmen, as all motions were adopted without opposition.    

NAEBA’s leaders will join other cervid leaders in San Diego, including Charly Seale, Laurie Seale, Todd Landt, Shawn Shafer, among several others. 

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