American Cervid Alliance Represented on Radio Show

February 1, 2013

NAEBA Executive Director Eric Mohlman was a guest on Alan Warren's Outdoor radio show that will be broadcast from 4-6a.m. on Saturday 2-2-13. An audio recording can be heard at and click on AWO Podcast to find the 2-2-13 show.
Eric was discussing the American Cervid Alliance's role in protecting our rights to raise deer and elk.
Rhonda Brakke, an Iowa Whitetail producer, talked about the struggles they have endured since having a CWD positive animal in their preserve.
Mindy Patterson of the Calvary Group updated Mr. Warren on how our personal property rights are under attack with some of the new legislation and state agency tactics.
There was also lively discussion about the misinformation being presented by state officials as fact.
NAEBA encourages everyone listen to the clip.

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