CWD Standards Version 23 now Open for Public Comment

December 31, 2013

ACA Leaders to Distribute Breakdown of Remaining Concerns

AYR, NE- The American Cervid Alliance received word today that the CWD Program Standards Version 23 has been published for public comment.  The news came directly from Dr Patrice Klein of USDA/APHIS. The comment period will be open to the public and closed on March 31, 2014.

Cervid leaders have been anxious to see the much anticipated final version of program standards, known as Version 23.  The most recent version, labeled Version 22, had nearly two dozen major concerns voiced by various state and national cervid associations.  The ACA plans to outline the differences between the two versions and note the remaining problematic language.  

The ACA has already furnished copies of the new version to its member associations.   The ACA strongly encourages all deer and elk farmers to submit comments for the record.   


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