Comparison of CWD Version 23 Standards

January 7, 2014

Review: Version 23 of Chronic Wasting Disease Program Standards
“Better than Version 22, but still Burdensome to Industry”

ACA Creates Comparison Chart to Show New Changes

AYR, NE- The long anticipated 23rd version of the Chronic Wasting Disease CWD Program Standards was published last week, marking the end of formal negotiations with USDA/APHIS and the start of the public comment period. The public comment period will last until March 31, 2014, and is the final step of the process before the USDA officially unveils their suggested guidelines for Federal Chronic Wasting Disease policy.

After several cervid industry leaders compared Version 23 to Version 22, there have been a few positive changes but several problems referred to as “deal breakers” still exist. The comparison shows language suggesting 100% testing of harvested trophy animals as been removed. Version 23 also removed language for restrictive physical inventories.

Version 23, however, still has major language concerns such as the suggestion of double fencing and mention of 10’ fences.  Containment procedures noted in Version 23 mirror Version 22, including language calling for the removal of 4” of top soil on farms with CWD.  Cleaning requirements for sale barns are also still in the document.  On page 34, the USDA recommends producers and transporters contact every state prior to traveling through with deer or elk.

“This is still a document that will cause unnecessary hardship for our members,” said Eric Mohlman, Moderator of the ACA.  “If the USDA has 8’ foot fences as the minimum requirement, then it’s inappropriate to even mention 10’ fencing in the standards; which it still does on page 46. These are suggestions that some wildlife agencies will use to over regulate our industry.”

The American Cervid Alliance leaders meet this week to discuss the Program Standards and the Chronic Wasting Disease Federal Rule.

Please click link for comparison chart between Version 22 and Version 23.  


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