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March 12, 2014

NAEBA Approves Financial Support for New York Legal Effort
New York Deer & Elk Farmers Association Works to Keep State Borders Open to Commerce

HOWARD LAKE, MN- The North American Elk Breeders Association Board of Directors unanimously approved sending financial support to the New York Deer & Elk Farmers Association’s legal effort to prohibit permanent closure of their state’s borders. The New York association has spent the last year exhausting options to keep their borders open for interstate movement of cervids.  As a last result, the New York Deer & Elk Farmers Association (NYDEFA) has decided to commence with legal proceedings.  

NAEBA Directors have been monitoring the issue closely during board meetings as well as leadership council meetings of the American Cervid Alliance. Angie Kerry, the ACA Councilwoman representing NYDEFA, has provided the industry regular updates on their status.  In March, Kerry told ACA members associations NYDEFA would welcome any possible support for their legal expenses.  

NAEBA directors felt they should open the lines of support to NYDEFA. The directors unanimously approved a donation of $2,500 for the New York cause.  NAEBA Director Brian Wagner provided updates for the board after discussions with NYDEFA President Dave Vanderzee. Wagner told the board, “I think New York will be very appreciative of NAEBA’s support.”  

NAEBA has expressed interest to NYDEFA leadership about rebuilding its presence in New York and other eastern states. NAEBA plans to attend NYDEFA’s next convention, as well.

The New York border was closed due to exaggerated fears of alleged potential impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease in New York.  Florida’s borders closed in 2013 citing similar fears from conservation special interest groups.  Industry leaders have noted the lack of true science versus bias used to justify the border closures.

“This is a trend that needs to stop”, said Travis Lowe, NAEBA’s Executive Director. “NAEBA and the ACA have been working with both New York and Missouri to keep borders open to allow commerce within our industry. We are happy to help.”

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