Website Created to Promote Conservation Hunting

March 11, 2013

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A new website has been created to promote the merits of conservation hunting.  In response to the untrue myths related to hunting, several deer, elk, and exotic associations along with industry supporters came together to create this website and five minute video to highlight the positive aspects in a concise manner. 

This site allows easy access to legislators and the general public.

Negative press concerning captive hunting is seen every week across the nation and the real truth needs to be told. The site and video is strategically concise as the public will not sift through pages of literature and legislators simply do not have the time.  The video can be seen online and is also available on DVD to hand to legislators.   

Thank you to the associations and industry supporters making this possible.

Please click link below to view the promo on conservation hunting.

userfiles/file/Conservation Hunting promo.pdf

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