Valley View Elk Ranch has elk meat for sale- steaks, roasts, burgers, summer sausage, snack sticks, jerky, and pemmican-in the freezer. Also, available: beautiful tanned buckskin leather and elk skin hides(with hair on). Call today 785-448-3085 or 785-448-6788.
Lundberg Deer and Elk Farm has whitetail does for sale. Proven dam sides on all females. Mother and sisters to several 200+ inch bucks @ 2 and 3yrs. of age. 2010 A.I. sires Mo Thunder, BW. Sunny, Highway 10, Jack Mcgraw, Doctor Vortex and many more great bucks. Many 2010 fawns for sale from.... Hornet 5x5 160@1 Martygraw yearling and Hydro Plane 4x5 150@1 Hydro Ax yearling. Both great dam sides. Call Josh Lundberg 620-224-3522 cell.
For sale: Sons of King's Ransom and EUN Tequila. Call South Fork Elk Ranch at 785-448-3066.
For sale: Game fence stretchers, hay feeders, elk/deer squeeze box with work windows, portable holding pens with swing gates and slider gates. Contact Rex Stucker at 913-367-5157 or 816-289-7484.
Ten year old Red Deer Hind, raised as a pet and had one calf in her only opportunity. Good large animal in great condition. Never been tested for anything. Has always been by herself and not with any other deer except for the time she was bred several years ago. Needs a new home. Open to offers. Gerhard A. Malm, Valley Falls. 785-945-6770.
Mid-range Starter Cap-Chur Kit Model 1300C. Kit includes the Mid-range projector, box of 15 CO2 Gaspaks, Plunger lube, 2-4cc. syringers, 2-5 cc. syringes, 2-7 cc. syringes, 2-10 cc. syringes, 2-15 cc syringes, several needles of various lengths, 6 jars of 50 Cap-Chur charges for the different sizes of syringes, Syringe brush, and instructions. I do not believe this has ever been used. Retail price is over $550.00. For sale at $400.00. Gerhard A. Malm, Valley Falls, Kansas. 785-945-6770.
Elk calves this fall from Silvertine (545" typical, 60" spread) unofficial world record. Call Joel Espe at Hawks Hill Elk Ranch @ 608-558-8445.
Jugg Automatic waterers- energy efficient geo-thermal waterers for all livestock. Call Joel Espe @ 608-558-8445.
For Sale: 2 yr old heifers out of Willie (GEF 233)- Son of King. Call Valley View Elk Ranch at 785-448-4114 or 785-448-4032.

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