USAHA Conference Underway

October 19, 2014


From the American Cervid Alliance Newsroom

KANSAS CITY- Leaders from the deer and elk industry are in Kansas City, Missouri to participate in the 118th annual United States Animal Health Association conference. There are dozens of meetings throughout the week where state animal health officials, state wildlife officials, USDA/APHIS and representatives from Allied Organizations meet to examine issues and procedures. Representatives from the American Cervid Alliance, North American Elk Breeders Association, Exotic Wildlife Association and North American Deer Farmers Association are in attendance at this year's conference. These state and national associations are among the Allied Organizations who have representatives on the USAHA board of directors. 

The next several days offer key discussions for the farmed cervid industry. Earlier this morning, district meetings were held with updates on recent Chronic Wasting Disease findings in Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  The new Farmed Cervid Subcommittee will meet Monday at 1pm central. The three co-chairmen, Charly Seale, Dr. Paul Anderson and Dr. Bret Marsh, have prepared a robust schedule. This committee is comprised of representatives from the cervid industry, wildlife officials and health officials.

 Cervid industry representatives, who are members of the following committees; Wildlife Diseases; Alternative Livestock;  Brucellosis, Tuberculous and Blue Tongue, will have a full week as recommendations and resolutions urging USDA to make regulation and policy changes, as they pertain to the various agriculture industries, are considered.

Chronic Wasting Disease policy still remains a highly discussed topic as well as relief in Brucelloisis testing.

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