ACA's Industry Terminology Committee to Present Recommendations

February 12, 2014

From the American Cervid Alliance News Room


Committee Offers Alternative Phrases to Re-brand Image with Public  

 AYR, NE- The ACA’s “Terminology Committee” plans to unveil its recommendations to the ACA Council during the next scheduled meeting. This committee is charged with finding terms, phrases, and images that may inadvertently leave a negative connotation with the public. The committee then examines the terms and offers suggested alternatives.  
 Warren Bluntzer, the chairman of the committee, said this committee has been meeting and putting recommendations together to present the most professional image possible. Blunzter said associations need to be mindful of news releases, publications and even advertising.  "We just need to be conscious of phrases that may have a different perception to someone that doesn't understand our industry," said Bluntzer.

The committee’s recommendations would be able to be filtered down to member associations in an effort to reach as many breeders as possible.
"Since the committee was created, we've received a lot of vocal support from across the industry for this objective and we will keep working on this.  We have a good committee with hard working members willing to help this industry."

In addition to Chairman Bluntzer, members of the committee are Jerry Campbell, Glen Dice, Donald Hill, Kevin Hinkebein, Kurt Humphrey, Todd Landt, Travis Lowe, and Curt Waldvogel.


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